Micro Iso Express Inner Thighs Download


Instructor's name:  Linda Stejskal

Type of Workout: lower body

Fitness Level: Intermediate advanced

Equipment Needed: ankle weights (can  be done without)

Total Running Time:  21 Minutes

Manufacture Year:  24 September 2020

Format:  MP4 HD Download (for more information click hereALSO AVAILABLE ON DVD

Welcome to the Micro Iso Express series. These express workouts will sculpt all your problem areas using larger range of motion, then micro movements and finally isolation holds. You will see all your favourite, traditional Pilates and barre exercises as well as some unique combinations that will help you shape long, lean muscles. The workouts are short and punchy so you can still get a lot done even if you have a tight schedule.

In Micro Iso Express Inner Thighs you will start on your back with inner thigh sweeps first with large range of motion, then micro movements and finally isometric holds. Then build a combination with small criss crosses at the top to large range of motion, flexed feet sweeps, to frog pushes and back up. Next, stay at the bottom of the movement for just the frog pushes and then an isometric hold in the same position. Then join your heels and do diamond push outs, again with large range of motion, micro movements, and finally, an isolation hold. Then into side lying position with leg raises with the 3 different rep patterns and bend extends also with the 3 different rep patterns. Finish on our back with 2 different glute bridge variations focusing on inner thighs with larger range, micro and iso rep patterns.

What is Barlates Body Blitz: Barlates is a fusion style workout that borrows from pilates, barre, ballet, yoga and more traditional cardio and toning. The idea was to create a workout, which flows seamlessly from one move into the next using the principles of isotension and high repetitions to build long, lean muscles. By using a lighter weight with high repetitions the exercises are designed to target all of those underused smaller muscle groups resulting in a defined, lengthened dancer's physique. This is a real girls workout in the sense that it is fun and feminine, but don't get me wrong it is still super intense with a big burn factor! The workouts are designed to be mixed and matched with an array of 20-30 minute upper body, lower body, abdominal and total body workouts that can be strung together for a longer session or done individually if you are short on time. These workouts will hit all those trouble spots and best of all you don't even need to wear shoes to do them! Get ready to sweat, puff and burn - hopefully you'll love every minute of it! Read more here.

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