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Suzi Collins My first impressions of Barlates: It's an intense but succinct workout which works all the areas we women want to! I like the light weights and short, intense exercises. I've learnt since my first session to push harder as the workout goes quickly and each section works a different body part so can always rest soon! I love working out barefoot with the feminine movements too! Can't wait for my longer leaner body! 

I have been doing Barlates workouts throughout my third pregnancy and have found them to be a wonderful way to continue my training, fitness and keep toned. I love the fact that I can select particular body parts to work out depending on what I feel needs work that particular day with my ever-changing body! It is great that I can choose low-impact routines and still get excellent results without having to jump around (which obviously becomes increasingly difficult as the pregnancy progresses).

I love this fusion of barre and pilates-based training. I have previously practised barre, pilates, yoga and traditional gym classes such as Pump but particularly like Barlates as I can select specific areas to workout. Depending on my day and how much time I have to train, I can choose a twenty minute workout or put two half-hour workouts together and either way I still feel and see the results! The shape of my muscles on my legs and arms have definitely become longer and leaner since practising Barlates. It's amazing that I can still achieve these results, even on lazy days when I'll choose a workout I can do mainly on the mat lying down! 

Laura McKenzie I was sore from the workout last week. Mainly bum and inner thighs which was great! First impression was great. Different for me as I'm used to dance workouts that are counted to music but I liked that you go with what feels right. Listening to the body more and I guess you can see when we're really fatigued too. Loved the intensity of it – you're straight into it after the first 10 seconds. But you get a welcome break from the balance/ strength sections which are challenging in their own way. Thought it was a great combination of cardio/ strength, balance. 



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