Triple Burn Series 8 Downloads


Instructor's name: Linda Wooldridge

Type of Workout: Total Body Sculpting

Fitness Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Equipment Needed: various dumbbells, chair, inflatable playground ball, stability ball, resistance band, resistance loop, step

Total Running Time: 360 Minutes

Release Date: August 2019

Format:  MP4 HD Download (for more information click hereAlso available on DVD

Welcome to the Triple Burn Series, a set of 8 workouts that will challenge your body from every angle. You will use a triple set principle where you perform 3 different intensity levels of one exercises to fully fatigue the muscle. You will work from the hardest to the easiest level with lots of variations to keep thing interesting. Each workout is a total body workout with warm up and stretch at the end.


Barre (43): you will starts with some flowing upper and lower dynamic stretch lunge combinations holding on to the ball, then hit the lower body with a tough ballet thigh series using the loop and ball, a kneeling glute series again with loop and ball, then a chest fly series with the band and weights, a standing bent over fly series for the upper back again using the band and weights and finally 2 challenging abs sets, the first targeting the lower abs more then a total core finale. 

Chisel (50): you will starts with a flowing warm up including lunges and leg raises, then you will move to a tough lower body segment using the loop and an elevation, another lower body segment with down dog leg extensions using the loop and ball. Then you will move to an arms segment with resistance band and light weights first working the shoulders than the biceps, and finally hit those abs with elevated teasers and a plank twisting segment. 

Define (54): you will starts with some fun, low impact cardio sculpt moves to warm up, then you will use a figure 8 loop and chair in a tough lunge sequences with tucks and raises, move to a standing leg raise series again utilizing the figure 8 loop for added challenge. Next comes 2 sets for upper body, a side and front raise combo then a biceps series with w-curls and 90 degree curls. Finally you will hit the core, starting with back extensions and then an x-teaser sequence that is super tough.

Mat (39): you will start with some kneeling thigh work, which will also incorporate some flowing arms and obliques. After this warm up you will move to a glute bridge segment using the elevation and a band, then just the elevation and finally on the floor with the band, next you will see a side leg raise series on and off the elevation, then move to a tough down dog push-up series to really burn out the shoulders, a back extensions set using light weights and the elevation, then 2 tough abs rounds, one focusing on mostly lower abs and the next on upper abs. Both will use the light weights to increase the burn. 

Sculpt (39): you will start with some easier squats and lunges to heat the entire body, then move to a tough plie squat and curtsy squat series using an elevation and a heavy weight, then move to upper body with biceps and triceps exercises using weights and a resistance band and finally hit the core hard with elevated tucks and oblique side to side exercises. The pace is fast so the heart rate will be high and you will get a good sweat on because of the elevation and weights.

Shape (49): you will starts with some low impact cardio moves to heat the entire body, then move to lower body with an elevated squat sequence with heels elevated on small weights to really get into those quads and a single leg ball roll out with loop and weights. Then you will move on to upper body with a biceps curl, shoulder press and triceps extension combo and a back extension sequence using the ball to elevate and a tough abs exercise which will work your upper and lower abs as well as the obliques. 

Weights (44): you will starts with some low impact cardio moves to heat the entire body, then move to a side lunge series using a step to elevate as well as weights and a resistance loop, next a challenging dead lifts series with heels elevated on small weights to really get into those hamstrings. Then you will move on to upper body with a lying biceps series, finishing in a standing position with w curls. The second upper body series is a combination of rotator cuffs and side lateral raises with a loop and light weights. Finally finish with 2 intense abs segments with upper and lower crunches and a tough oblique focused series.

Functional (42): you will starts with start with a kneeling to lunge kick combo, then a glute bridge segment using the elevation, loop and band, then move to upper body with a tough push up down dog series, and a down dog shoulder raise series using the band and light weights. Finish with core on the mat, first with a challenging lower abs sequence using the loop and then a unique obliques sequence without any equipment.

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