Download Format Information

The downloads are available in MP4 HD format, which is compatible with most viewing devices. Please note that the high definition MP4 files are quite large and will therefore take longer to download. 

If you want to play your video on a mobile device, please download the file to your PC or Mac and then sync to your mobile device using the software provided for that device (i.e. iTunes for an iPad or iPhone) 

If you don't have an application to play your mp4 video file on your computer or mobile device, I recommend downloading the free Apple Quicktime player for Apple products:
Or Simple MP4 Video for Android Devices:
Alternatively search in your App store for an MP4 video player.

If you want to play your downloads via a USB stick in your tv or another device such as Play Stations, then please download the file to your PC or Mac and transfer it onto a USB. Please note that not all tvs are compatible with MP4 format so you may need to use free software to convert the file to AVI first. Here is a program you can use: 
Please be aware that any free software has it's risks of downloading other third party add-ons so make sure you choose your source wisely.
If you have a USB port on your tv, but don't have fast enough internet or enough internet data allowance to download the workouts I can transfer the workouts onto a USB stick for you and send them to you in the post.

If you have any other questions about formatting please contact me here!