Focused 10 Mins Series 10 Downloads


Instructor's name: Linda Stejskal

Type of Workout: Body Sculpting

Fitness Level: Intermediate Advanced

Equipment: light and medium dumbbells, chair, small inflatable ball, step, resistance band and loop, ankle weights.

Total Running Time: 116 Minutes

Release Date: August 2020

Format:  MP4 HD Download (for more information click here)  Also Available on DVD HERE

Welcome to the Focused 10 Mins series. If you are short on time or just want to customize your workout, these express routines are for you. 10 minutes with no time wasted, using easy to find equipment and a fast pace to burn fat and create long, lean muscles. No excuses! Everyone can fit 10 minutes of exercise into their day!


Abs and Outer Thighs (11): use a pilates ball to sculpt your thighs and obliques in pretzel and side lying position.

Ankle Weights (11): lots of lunges, squats, leg raises and plank position as well as some oblique work to finish.

Elevate (10): cardio and sculpting using a step, with jump ups, knee drops and a fun sit out combination.

Functional (12): forward and back lunge combinations, roll backs into hand stands and a tough, advanced abs section.

Glutes (12): use ankle weights with pretzel, lying and elevated leg raises, pulses and extensions.

Inner Thighs (13): start in wide plie with various pulses and squats, then move to elevated side lying for raises.

Iso Band (11): lots of lunges and squats side to side, then lunge holds in regular and curtsy position – a major burner!

Quads (10): bend extend and raise combinations with and without loop and elevated for a muscle overload.

Upper (14): fun combinations using a loop, band and weights to sculpt long, lean muscles in the arms and shoulders.

Weighted Abs (12): chest flies, roll ups, v-sits and c-curve tucks holding medium dumbbells for extra intensity.

About the instructor
Hi, I'm Linda - creator of Barlates Body Blitz. I have worked in the diet and fitness industry for most of my career and have created close to 800 workout videos to bring my passion for exercise to you! My desire is to help you sculpt a strong, healthy body with a fusion of barre, Pilates, yoga as well as more traditional cardio + toning exercises. So what are you waiting for? Let's go workout together! xxx Linda


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