Barlates Workout Rotations

I am not really that keen on writing set workout rotations for my Barlates workouts, because I find that everyone's needs are very different. Depending on whether your goals are weight loss, muscle gain or maintenance you will need a different combination of workouts. Also, you may be rehabilitating from injury or may just have some muscle groups that are weaker than others, in which case you would have specific requirements that a general workout rotation may not meet. 

The way I decide which workouts to do each week is by reading my body's fatigue and muscle soreness. So each morning I wake up and listen to my body, seeing which part is the most sore and I work my routine around leaving that part out as much as possible. So for example, if I wake up and my upper body is really sore I might work lower and/or cardio. If my lower body is sore, I might work upper, abs and/or cardio. If everything is sore I might do yoga or pure cardio and if nothing is sore I might do a full body strength workout or whichever body part I haven't worked much that week.

I am a big believer that thrashing the same muscle groups day in and day out won't give you the best results. If you don't let your body rest and you are constantly sore when you are working out then you can't possibly push as hard as when you are recovered and fresh. You have to let your muscles have adequate rest between working them hard, this will not only help in terms of enjoying the workouts more, but will also prevent injury from over-training.

So with reluctance I will write a sample rotation, but please keep your personal needs in mind and adapt it as necessary! If you have any question about rotations that may suit you I am more than happy to help – just contact me here.


Day 1: Upper Body and Abs (additional cardio optional)

Day 2: Lower Body (additional cardio optional)

Day 3: Total Body (additional cardio optional)

Day 4: Upper Body (additional cardio optional)

Day 5: Lower Body and Abs (additional cardio optional)

Day 6: Total Body (additional cardio optional)

Day 7: Active rest or yoga/stretching workout



Day 1: Strong Slender Arms and Pilates Ball Abs (additional cardio optional)

Day 2: Back of Leg Mat workout (additional cardio optional)

Day 3: Total Body Barre Express (additional cardio optional)

Day 4: Triceps Blaster and Biceps Challenge (additional cardio optional)

Day 5: Barre Tucks and Fold Overs and Seated Ab Challenge (additional cardio optional)

Day 6: Barre Body Blast (additional cardio optional)

Day 7: Quick Fix Dynamic Stretch and Balance



Day 1: Total Upper Body Blitz and Seated Abs (additional cardio optional)

Day 2: Lower Body Barre Fire (additional cardio optional)

Day 3: Total Body Mat Workout (additional cardio optional)

Day 4: Old School Arms and Old School chest and back (additional cardio optional)

Day 5: Glute and Thigh Band Burner and Weighted Abs with Ball (additional cardio optional)

Day 6: Total Body Cardio Sculpt

Day 7: Yoga Fusion Flow



Day 1: Long, Lean Arms and Chiseled Core Challenge (additional cardio optional)

Day 2:  Long Lean Legs Mat workout (additional cardio optional)

Day 3: Quick Fix Total Body Weight (additional cardio optional)

Day 4: Upper Body Burn Out and Weightless Ballet Arms (additional cardio optional)

Day 5: Express Barre Thighs and Standing Abs (additional cardio optional)

Day 6: Ballet Glide and Sculpt

Day 7: Yoga Fusion Body Blast

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