Yogilates For Beginners


Instructor's name: Jonathan Urla

Type of Workout: Yoga and Pilates

Fitness Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Total Running Time: 43

Region: (Worldwide, REGION FREE, Suitable for ALL DVD players)

A beginning level yoga class that safely tones, stretches, and relaxes your whole body. Fusing core strength, flexibility, and balance, Yogilates integrates the techniques of Pilates and hatha yoga for a complete and enjoyable mind/body workout. 

Created by Certified Pilates and Yoga Instructor Jonathan Urla, this beginning level program is ideal for people of all ages and abilities. With an original musical score and beautiful loft setting, you and the on-screen class will move from core matwork exercises to tone your abs and hips, to standing poses for leg strength, flexibility, and better balance. With a restorative ending, you’ll feel more aligned, centered and stress-free.

Certified instructor description: This workout follows a natural progression: from Pilates core-body matwork right into the fluid postures of hatha yoga. Focusing on breath and alignment, you’ll increase strength, balance and flexibility. As the intro video to his method, you get lots of attention to breathing and form with detailed explanation of each move. After a basic series of Pilates exercises, you’ll move into a medley of modified yoga poses. Jonathan Urla has specially selected the yoga to maximize comfort and safety as they continue the earlier ab/back muscle toning (e.g. cobra, cat pose). This video also features a very relaxing meditation segment.

5.0 out of 5 stars
I just LOVE this workout! 
Jonathan Urla developed a practice that is a hybrid between yoga and Pilates and cleverly trademarked the clever name Yogilates. In this Level One DVD, he and his class go through stretching, ab and back workouts, sun salutations and standing poses, and finally more stretching and relaxation. The different exercises flow well into each other and are very accessible to a beginner. I finish this workout feeling like energized and relaxed, despite the fact that I've worked somewhat hard.

Urla is an excellent instructor. He coaches us on breathing and position, crucially important in both yoga and Pilates. He tells us how to modify the exercises if we're not ready for the full version (and the various members of his class demonstrate the modifications). His voice is calm and encouraging. And the music? I just adore the music! It's alternately trippy, mystical, and peppy.

Do this workout, and your mind, body, and soul will all thank you! Namaste.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Great workout 
This is the best workout video I've ever had experience with. Usually, I either can't follow them because they're too complicated or not taught well enough, or else they're way too easy. This is perfect! It's calming yet invigorating at the same time. After the first few times, you don't even have to watch the TV anymore. You can do it just by listening to his instructions. This workout has increased my flexibility, my patience, and my confidence. I can't wait to progress on to the next level, but according to the book, the first level should be practiced for at least 6 months before even thinking about going to the next level. Highly recommended video, all you need is a yoga mat and a quiet, distraction-free place to do the workout. It's about 45 minutes, and the book recommends doing it 3-5 times per week.

5.0 out of 5 stars
1 of the World's Best Workouts Ever ! 
I am so pleased with this dvd that I turned around and bought it as part of my father's birthday gift. He is 63 with back and neck problems and I am 35 with multiple health issues and we find this workout challenging yet gentle with a very low- impact and high relaxation factor. The teacher moves you fluidly though each pose and makes great suggestions for corrections that he must have seen over the years with beginners. I love the way I feel after I have made it through all 45 minutes and it encourages me to stay with it at least 3 times a week. I cannot recommend this highly enough! I hope you enjoy it too. Namaste.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Great beginner dvd 
I absolutely love this dvd. I bought it over a year a go, but put off using it. I'm usually a high intensity cardio/weight lifting type of person, but after having several injuries I was told by my ortho to try yoga and/or pilates a few times a week. After a recent knee injury I was forced to slow down, so I decided to give this dvd a shot. I'm sorry I didn't try it sooner. I've used it four times so far, and I feel like I could use it every day. Everything is explained well and the time flies. Even though it's only been two weeks my flexibility has gotten better, and I've lost 3/4 inch in my waist and a half inch on each thigh. I also bought the intermediate, and will try that one in another week or so.

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