Low High Series 6 Workout DVD


Instructor's name: Linda Stejskal

Type of Workout: Total Body

Fitness Level: Intermediate Advanced

Equipment Needed: various hand weights, step, chair, ankle weights, resistance loop

Total Running Time: 191 Minutes

Release Date: August 2020

Region:  0 (Worldwide, REGION FREE, Suitable for ALL DVD players)

Welcome to the Low High Series. These workouts are low impact yet high intensity so you will feel the burn without jarring your joints. You will use various easy to find equipment to increase the challenge. If you don't have the equipment you can still do it without or improvise with what you have. These workouts require minimal space and can either be used stand alone or string a few together for a bigger challenge!


Strong Body (28): you will start with a down dog knee pull and double knee tap combination. Then a down dog to step in and opposite glute raise. Then stay in a hinged forward glute raise, open the hip with a straight leg turned out raise, then hold the leg out straight and plie the supporting leg, figure 8s and finally straight leg angled raises. Next side to side hover walks before doing the other side. Then front and back hover walks before using the step for abs and inner thighs. Next a tough squat tap and down dog push up series. Then more squat taps and side to side squats off the step. Then squat to butt kicks, knee and toe squats and triceps lowers. Finally a glute bridge segment with feet on the step and a lengthening stretch.

Mostly Lower (28): you will start with a wide plie to curtsy lunge side to side combination. Then a side lunge to wide plie step forward and back. Then a side lunge to curtsy to wide plie and narrow squat combination. Next a plank variation. Next rockets and hover out out in ins before doing the other side. Then a straight lunge, hinged lunge, curtsy lunge, hinged curtsy lunge, back leg raise to front knees and raises combination. Next a cross over to side kick combo in all 4s and hovering. Then an inner thighs and abs combination. Finally a lengthening stretch to finish.

Grace Fusion (35): you will start with squat and lunge variations. Next a side lunge to back lunge combination. Then a front curtsy to back curtsy lunge combo with a side leg raise in between. More wide plie squats with angled arms before repeating the first 2 combos on the other side. Next a down dog glute raise combo, adding in a standing turned out leg extension. Finish that series in plank with straight leg glute pulses. Then inner thigh sweeps and side lying front and back sweeps. Add in a roll onto the back and then inner thigh lower and lift. Repeat the combo on the other side, finish with inner thigh crosses and a lengthening stretch.

Ramp It Up (35): you will start with a step warm, then move to a squat tap up on the step, squat knee and squat kick with biceps curls. Repeat, then curtsy lunge with upright row combo, again ramping it up from taps ups, to knee ups to cross body kicks. Repeat, then push ups with front and back glute raise. Ramp it up by stepping up onto the step, then finish by staying on the step with a lunge to glute raise combo. Repeat, then move into a back lunge off the step with a butt kick and triceps extensions, then a straight leg glute raise. Repeat, then move into a pretzel on the step with oblique crunches with knee lifts then straight leg lifts. Repeat on the other side and finish with a lengthening stretch.

Fusion (29 ): you will start with various punches, knee lifts and kicks to warm up the entire body. Then move to side lunges with knee ups, butt kicks and side leg lifts. Next a plank knee and elbow pull and across body toe taps. Then a down dog glute raise to front step kick through, back to down dog glute raise, flip the dog and back combination. A tough abs sequence, the down dog combination on the other side then a wide Asian squat to plie combination, alternating with up up down downs kneeling to standing. Then kneeling to up on toes half way up and back down. A lengthening stretch to finish.

Micro Iso (36): In Low High Micro Iso you will start with side to side and angled walks, then back lunges. Next a wide plie series with pulses, holds and knee backs. Then a calf raise set before moving to forward leaning lunges off the step with various reps and holds. Then a biceps curls combination with pulses, holds and varying rep patterns. Next a triceps extension set with lower body engagement. Finally a tough v sit set on the step and a lengthening stretch.

About The Instructor: Hi, I'm Linda - creator of Barlates Body Blitz. I have worked in the diet and fitness industry for most of my career and have created close to 800 workout videos to bring my passion for exercise to you! My desire is to help you sculpt a strong, healthy body with a fusion of barre, Pilates, yoga as well as more traditional cardio + toning exercises. So what are you waiting for, lets go workout together!

What is Barlates Body Blitz: Barlates is a fusion style workout that borrows from pilates, barre, ballet, yoga and more traditional cardio and toning. The idea was to create a workout, which flows seamlessly from one move into the next using the principles of isotension and high repetitions to build long, lean muscles. By using a lighter weight with high repetitions the exercises are designed to target all of those underused smaller muscle groups resulting in a defined, lengthened dancer's physique. This is a real girls workout in the sense that it is fun and feminine, but don't get me wrong it is still super intense with a big burn factor! The workouts are designed to be mixed and matched with an array of 20-30 minute upper body, lower body, abdominal and total body workouts that can be strung together for a longer session or done individually if you are short on time. These workouts will hit all those trouble spots and best of all you don't even need to wear shoes to do them! Get ready to sweat, puff and burn - hopefully you'll love every minute of it! Read more here.

NOTE: These workouts can also be bought individually.

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