Region Decoding Information for your DVD Player

Most of my dvds are 'all region' or region 0, which means any DVD player in the world can play them. However, as clearly stated in the blurb, this one is actually region 1 (US/Canada). Nowadays a lot of dvd players are multi-regional so if you have more than one player it is likely that one of them is able to play DVDs from any region (you can check your manual or google to see whether your make and model of player is multi-regional – most Sony players are). If none of yours are multi-regional then you should quite easily be able to region decode your player, which means you can play dvds from anywhere in the world without any problems.

You can try the following region decoding instructions which have worked for many people with various players (I have used this successfully myself):

1. Switch on TV & DVD Open Tray

2. Using remote press PAUSE button

3. Enter this code 3 1 4 1 5 9 (if that doesn’t work try 000 or 0000)

4. Region menu will appear, select region 0 (all)

5. Press PAUSE button

If region menu does not appear don't worry just PRESS 0 THEN STEP 5.

If you have any trouble with this then you can search your exact brand and model of player on Google your DVD player's brand and model name plus "region free decoding". Decoding your DVD player can void the warranty in some cases so you are doing this at your own risk.

If the above doesn't work for you and you really want one of my Region 1 DVDs please contact me via the contact form and I will see if I can  help you further.