How to increase energy levels!

There are many reasons why your energy levels could be low. Some of them could be medical so in that case medical advice should be sought! If it is just general tiredness, however, then you guessed it, exercise will do wonders! Exercise actually increases your energy levels my stimulating oxygen rich blood flow around the body. It also increases endorphins, your happy hormones, to make you feel more positive.

woman eating appleAnother factor to consider is nutrition! Are you eating mostly unprocessed foods or are you snacking on pre-packaged junk? You should be eating food as close to its natural state as possible so that you are maximizing the nutrients you are feeding your body. Also make sure you diet includes enough lean protein and not too many simple carbohydrates so that your blood sugar levels stay even. A low GI diet is a must for high energy levels. Along with a healthy diet you can also try some multi-vitamin and mineral supplements.

Get out in the fresh air regularly and do some deep breathing – maybe even try yoga or some form of relaxation exercise. Most people don't breath properly and oxygen is hugely important to feeling energetic and healthy!

Last of all, make sure you are getting a good nights, undisturbed sleep! Depending on the sound levels at your place that might mean ear plugs!

Do all of the above and you should be well on your way to higher energy levels!

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