Workout DVDs Reviewed, PLUS Diet and Exercise Articles

1. Workout DVDs Reviewed
All your favorite workout DVDs and instructors reviewed. Useful advice to help you decide which sort of workout style is going to help you achieve your goals!

2. Exercise FAQ's
All your sticky exercise questioned answered: how to get rid of cellulite, how to get rid of belly fat, how to get rid of jiggly arms, how to alleviate back pain, how to build muscle etc. etc……

3. Diet FAQ's
All your diet and weight loss questions answered: how to lose weight, how to increase energy, how much water should I drink, how to feel full whilst dieting, healthy snack food alternatives etc. etc…..

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5. How to Videos
Learn all sorts of tips and tricks to help you with your workouts. Topics include: how to do the perfect plank, how to do the perfect push up, how to do the perfect barre squat, how to let air out of your exercise ball etc.