Barlates Body Blitz FAQ’s

How can I get the Bundle discount if I want to buy multiple Barlates Body Blitz workouts?
All you need to do is contact me HERE to tell me, which titles you would like and whether you would prefer downloads or DVDs. I will then work out the best total price for you and will email you the Paypal invoice. As a quick guide here are two charts showing discounts for downloads and DVDs. If you want to buy quantities other than those listed then I can work out the best price for you so just contact me.

Do you combine postage for multiple Barlates DVDs? 
Yes, I can fit up to 40 workouts for a single postage charge. It depends on the length of the workouts as to how many I can fit on a DVD, so you will need to contact me HERE so I can work out the full postage charge for you. Domestic postage within Australia is AUD$1.99 for a single postage charge and international postage is AUD$7.50.

Downloads or DVD-R?
My Barlates workouts are available in MP4 electronic download format as well as on DVD-R discs. I also have a selection of workouts available on pressed DVDs, which are professionally replicated and not burned DVD-R. You can find those in the Pressed DVDs category of my store HERE!

The MP4 downloads are high definition and are $2 cheaper than on disc. If you purchase the Mp4 version you will be sent an email with the download links in it. If you have never purchased downloads before and are hesitant because you are not sure if you can make them work please just email me and I will talk you through it. The downloads can be viewed directly from the device you downloaded them on to or transferred onto a USB stick and viewed in your tv, laptop or other device with a USB port. For international customers the downloads are by far the best option, but of course if you still prefer to use your DVD player then there is always the option of disc.

Are the workouts on DVD or DVD-R?
My regular single Barlates workouts are burned on DVD-R so that I can customize the workouts on each disc for my customers. I use the highest quality Sony discs with Sony software to ensure that the discs will last the longest time possible. I personally check each DVD-R that I burn to ensure it is functioning before I send it out. If, however, you have any issues with your discs not working properly, I am happy to replace the discs for you. Please also note that the DVD-R's have slimline DVD cases with generic covers.

I also have a selection of workouts available on pressed DVDs, which are professionally replicated and not burned DVD-R. You can find those in the Pressed DVDs category of my store HERE

Finally, I sell some of my bundle workouts on Amazon. These are also DVD-R, but come in regular DVD cases with printed covers. If you were to purchase these same bundles from my website they will come in slimline DVD cases with generic covers.

How often do you add new workouts?
I aim to film weekly or at worst fortnightly. For a categorized, chronological list of all my workouts click HERE. I will aim to keep this list updated on a weekly basis.

I am happy to receive suggestions for new workouts to film. Just message me HERE and let me know what your favourites are!

How often should I do Barlates workouts?
As everyone is unique I don't like to give generalized advice on how often and in what rotation you should do my workouts. I am a big believer in listening to your body and working out an exercise routine that you enjoy, gives you results and is maintainable. The workouts also have to fit into your lifestyle, for instance a busy mum may not be able to fit a full hour into her day so she may split her workouts into two shorter sessions or just do one shorter workout, but increase the number of days per week she is working out.

Another big factor is how sore you are from your last workout. If you are really sore and you continue to push yourself you will find that fatigue will set in from over-training a particular muscle group. You are better off choosing your workouts according to which body part is least sore rather than sticking to an unrealistic, rigid rotation. I do have some general workout rotations available HERE.

If you would like some more personalised advice please contact me HERE and I will do my best to answer your questions.

How soon will I see results?
The degree of results will vary depending on how often you are doing the workouts, what your diet is like as well as individual genetics. Some will see improvements and results in little as two weeks and others may see the results at 3 months. The results you can expect from continual use of my workouts include: loss of inches, gain in strength, increased muscle mass, elongated muscle definition, improved posture, greater range of motion and flexiblity, increased energy, a more balanced physique and an improvement in overall health.

Can I spot-reduce my problem areas?
Unfortunately relentlessly working just your problem areas isn't necessarily going to get rid of them for good. Often the 'problem areas' are where we tend to store more body fat, so diet and cardio will play an important role in changing our shape as well. Having said that, I do believe that by targeting the trouble spots you can increase muscle definition and elongation, which will improve the appearance of that area while you are working hard to lose the excess fat through diet and cardio. If you don't carry a lot of body fat, but just don't like the shape of certain areas on your body then using focused workouts will definitely help to sculpt lean muscle that can dramatically change your physique.

The great news is that losing body fat will not change your body shape, but gaining lean muscle mass in the right areas will! Also, the more lean muscle mass you have the higher your metabolic rate will be so your body will become more efficient at burning fat too. A big word of advice is not to over-train any one area.

If you work the same area day in and day out you may cause muscle fatigue, which can lead to injury, which could leave you out of action for weeks. So be consistent and find an exercise regime that is fun and maintainable!

How can I modify exercises that are too fast or advanced for me?
In most of my videos I try to give easier modifications for each exercise, but in case I don't here are a few pointers to follow:

If the exercise is too fast:
simply slow down a little, drop the weights if you are using weights, take short rests when needed. I would rather you perform less repetitions with correct form than to try and keep up with my pace.

If the exercise is too advanced:
 Reducing the range of motion of most exercises will reduce the intensity, for example: don't lift your leg quite as high, if it is a straight leg exercise try bending your leg, if it is an exercise such as lunges or squats don't go quite as low, if it is a push up style exercise don't go down as low, if it is a tip-toe releve exercise you can stay flat footed if it is too challenging. If you are struggling to keep up with the pace then do every other rep or take short breaks whenever needed. There is no shame in not being able to keep up with me, I have been doing this for many many years so doing all the reps is something to work up to.

If you are finding it difficult to balance: One of the main keys to balance is to keep your core tight because this is your centre of gravity. Also, pick a focal point to look at and try not to look at anything that is moving, including me on the screen! If you have to put your foot down every now and then or even hold on to something when you are first starting off, that is totally ok and in fact I would rather you do that than struggle through an exercise and feel defeated. Like strength, balance also improves with practice, so just make sure you give it a shot and try and challenge yourself each time you do the workout.

If the exercise is causing discomfort other than muscle burn:
see some of the modification options in the next question below. 

How can I modify exercises that I find uncomfortable?
Because everyone is different some people may find certain positions more awkward to hold than others. Two such examples would be exercises where you are hinged forward at the waist with your arms on the floor in front of you doing leg raises etc. and exercises where you are propped up on your elbows for long periods of time. If these modifications still don't help and you are feeling discomfort or pain that is not just muscle burn, then please substitute a different exercise or do not perform that particular video.

For the first, I would suggest elevating your hands by either using yoga blocks, dumbbells on their ends or the seat of a chair instead of resting them on the ground. It is usually a flexibility issue with the hamstrings that doesn't allow certain people to reach all the way to the ground. Flexibility can be improved, but can also be genetic so some people may never be able to reach down to the ground without assistance. It doesn't matter so much how low you are reaching as it does using correct form. The main point of most of these inverted exercises is to raise up the back leg higher in order to work the glutes, outer thighs and hips (depending on the exercises). Focus more on feeling it in the right muscles than on how low your hands are reaching!

For exercises performed in a lying position propped up on the elbows you can modify by either lying down all together, using a firm sofa cushion behind the small of your back to support you or sitting up straight. It will depend on the exercise as to which position is most suitable. If you don't feel it enough lying down then try sitting up straight, perhaps even leaning against a wall to keep your spine straight. Once again, the positioning of the body isn't as crucial as it is to feel the burn in the muscle group you are working. Find a position that allows you to perform each exercise without pain, but with muscle burn!

If you need help with modifications for other exercises please contact me HERE!

Can I do Barlates workouts if I have previous injuries?
Even though my exercises are non-impact and can be therapeutic, certain exercises may not be suitable for everyone based on their anatomy or past injuries. The best thing to do is to get adequate advice from your health-care practitioner to ensure that you are can safely embark on an exercise program and then listen to your body to ensure that you do not put unnecessary stress on weaker areas. You can definitely modify exercises according to your needs and sometimes you may just want to avoid specific exercises and substitute something you feel more comfortable with. 

Definitely do not try to press on if you are feeling pain repeatedly with the same exercise with the exemption of intense muscle burning. Most people know the difference between your muscles burning because you are working hard and actual pain that should not be occurring. 

In some cases discomfort may be caused by incorrect form when performing an exercise. Sometimes the smallest tweak will improve your form and as a result, you will be able to easily perform an exercise without strain or pain. Listening to form cues using a mirror is always helpful.

Resting your muscles is very important to avoid injury. If you are over-using a particular muscle group because you want to slim down in that area, then chances are you will over-train, which makes you more prone to fatigue, improper form and injury. If you are particularly sore in one area then work other parts of your body until you have adequately recovered.