Barlates Beginners/Intermediate List


Although I have categorized most of my workouts as intermediate, you will find that some are slightly easier than others. Obviously this is very much an individual observation because everyone has different muscle groups which are stronger or weaker, but as a general rule the list below would be considered beginner to intermediate. So if you are just starting out with Barlates and you are finding the extensive list a bit daunting, you could always start with the workouts below and work your way up to the tougher ones.

Having said that these workouts can definitely be made harder by incorporating heavier weights, squatting and lunging lower, focusing on correct form etc. or easier by following my modification examples, which you can read up on HERE.

I welcome any feedback as to which other workouts to include in this list and which to take off so please message me HERE if you would like to contribute. I will definitely take your feedback into consideration and will amend the list according to popular opinion.


The list is sorted in order of date with the newest workouts appearing at the bottom of each category.

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