The Resistance Band Solution Upper Body Blitz DVD


Instructor's name: Linda Wooldridge

Type of Workout: Aerobics & Toning

Fitness Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Equipment Needed: Resistance Loops (not included)

Total Running Time: 70 minutes

Release Date: August 2016 

Region: 0 (Worldwide, REGION FREE, Suitable for ALL DVD players) 

Welcome to THE RESISTANCE BAND SOLUTION. A complete workout system to help you sculpt long, lean muscles and torch body fat. Using just the resistance bands and your own bodyweight as equipment, you will work all your major and minor muscle groups. These workouts will help you to increase in strength and fitness in a safe, joint friendly way.

For best results combine this DVD with the other 3 in the series: Core Blitz, Lower Body Blitz and Total Body Blitz.


Warm Up (7 mins): Elevate your heart rate and rev up your metabolism with this simple warm up.

Upper Sculpt (24 mins): Strengthen your arms, chest and back with this targeted resistance workout.

Upper Cardio Sculpt (25 mins): Melt away body fat and chisel lean muscle with this fun boxing inspired routine.

Stretch (9 mins): Lengthen and stretch your tired muscles to increase flexibility and improve posture.

BONUS Upper Blitz (5 mins): Take your fitness to the next level with some more advanced body tightening exercises.