Sculpt Wear Workout Clothing


Sculpt Wear is my new workout clothing line, which focuses on comfort and style at an affordable price. I have spent a lot of time researching the best quality fabrics to withstand even the toughest workouts! The fabrics are breathable, moisture absorbent and most of all soft and comfortable to wear! My pet hate in workout clothing is when it rides up, slips down, cuts into you or feels too restrictive – that's why I have been careful to combat all these issues with my designs.

The idea is to continually add more and more designs to the range, creating matching sets as well as individual tops, bottoms, sports bras and everything else to meet your exercise needs!

Sculpt Wear is made from ultra thick fabric, tested in the most extreme exercise conditions, proven to effectively absorb sweat and keep you comfortable for hours. It will stay in place even during inverted exercises such as downward dog and the tops won't ride up or pinch into the skin. Sculpt Wear is designed to be flattering for all body shapes with maximum support and contouring.

Best of all Sculpt Wear is 100% Aussie owned, designed and manufactured.

Available in the following Sizes:

Sculpt wear sizing chart