Linda Wooldridge Workout DVD World

Hi, my name is Linda. I have been a fitness fanatic all my life! I have worked with nutrition and personal training for many years and I love helping people reach their exercise and weight loss goals!

I have been using workout DVDs for about 20 years so I decided to start this website to help other enthusiasts get a great range of DVDs in their collection. I have recently started instructing my own Barlates Body Blitz workout classes twice a week and have also created an ever-growing library of my very own workout DVDs, which can be purchased through the Barlates Body Blitz categories of my Ebay store. My latest venture is my exercise clothing label, Sculpt Wear, which I have created with the help of a friend. The idea is to create active wear that I find comfortable and stylish and to make it available to you at affordable prices.

Back to working out! I have tried gyms and outdoor Boot Camps, but I definitely prefer to exercise in the comfort of my own home. That way you can workout in your pj’s if you really want to and you don’t have to worry how uncoordinated you look! It also means you have no excuse, cause you can get straight out of bed and don’t actually have to drive anywhere! I have over 100 workout dvds and am known to do one every morning 5-6 days a week.

The great thing is that you never outgrow workout DVDs! As your fitness level increases you can either buy a more advanced DVD or simply increase the amount of weight you use in your favourite workouts to make them more intense! The fact is that the moves that really work rarely change! I even have some old Cindy Crawford videos from the 80s, which are just as effective as some of the latest DVDs on the market.

I take my workout DVDs with me where ever I go! I went on holiday to Europe, and you guessed it, I had at least 10 workout dvds packed in my bag! With most you need surprisingly little room so you can even do it in a small hotel room. If you have a laptop or portable dvd player you are set to workout anywhere!

It is my secret addiction – and a pretty healthy one I think! I am sure once you buy your first workout dvd you will never look back and you will definitely want more and more! So if you are about to enter the wonderful world of working out at home then I will be all too happy to try and source whichever dvds you want to add to your collection!

I also love giving advice, so keep the questions coming! I will attempt to answer them within 24 hours.

I look forward to hearing from you, and in the mean time, happy shopping!