Barlates Body Blitz for Ebay

Hi, I'm Linda – owner of Workout DVD World. I have always had a passion for fitness and nutrition and have been exercising consistently for over 20 years. Most of that time I have been using workout DVDs! I love the variety and the convenience of exercising from home and most of all I love the fact that there are literally thousands of different workouts to choose from – so it never gets boring!

I recently decided to further my love of exercise by instructing small classes in my home town of Perth. I have now taken this one step further and have started filming my workouts to make them available to you in the form of MP4 or MP2/DVD downloads or DVDs. This is how Barlates Body Blitz was born!

The name came about because I wanted my workouts to be a fusion of all my favourite styles – ballet barre, pilates, yoga and more traditional cardio and toning exercises. Hence the name Bar = barre and lates = pilates. The Body Blitz part of it stands for everything else!

The idea was to create a workout, which flows seamlessly from one move into the next using the principles of isotension and high repetitions to build long, lean muscles. By using a lighter weight with high repetitions the exercises are designed to target all of those underused smaller muscle groups resulting in a defined, lengthened dancer's physique. This is a real girls workout in the sense that it is fun and feminine, but don't get me wrong it is still super intense with a big burn factor! The workouts are designed to be mixed and matched with an array of 20-30 minute upper body, lower body, abdominal and total body workouts that can be strung together for a longer session or done individually if you are short on time. These workouts will hit all those trouble spots and best of all you don't even need to wear shoes to do them! Get ready to sweat, puff and burn!

I aim to add to the downloads on a weekly to fortnightly basis, which means there will always be fresh workouts available to make your exercise routine varied and effective.

To browse the downloads or DVDs just go to Workout Downloads or Barlates Body Blitz categories of my Ebay store.

Please take advantage of my Buy Two Get One Free introductory offer, all details are on the individual product pages!

I hope that you will enjoy this style of workout as much as I do!


Suzi Collins My first impressions of Barlates: It's an intense but succinct workout which works all the areas we women want to! I like the light weights and short, intense exercises. I've learnt since my first session to push harder as the workout goes quickly and each section works a different body part so can always rest soon! I love working out barefoot with the feminine movements too! Can't wait for my longer leaner body! 

I have been doing Barlates workouts throughout my third pregnancy and have found them to be a wonderful way to continue my training, fitness and keep toned. I love the fact that I can select particular body parts to work out depending on what I feel needs work that particular day with my ever-changing body! It is great that I can choose low-impact routines and still get excellent results without having to jump around (which obviously becomes increasingly difficult as the pregnancy progresses).

I love this fusion of barre and pilates-based training. I have previously practised barre, pilates, yoga and traditional gym classes such as Pump but particularly like Barlates as I can select specific areas to workout. Depending on my day and how much time I have to train, I can choose a twenty minute workout or put two half-hour workouts together and either way I still feel and see the results! The shape of my muscles on my legs and arms have definitely become longer and leaner since practising Barlates. It's amazing that I can still achieve these results, even on lazy days when I'll choose a workout I can do mainly on the mat lying down! 

Laura McKenzie I was sore from the workout last week. Mainly bum and inner thighs which was great! First impression was great. Different for me as I'm used to dance workouts that are counted to music but I liked that you go with what feels right. Listening to the body more and I guess you can see when we're really fatigued too. Loved the intensity of it – you're straight into it after the first 10 seconds. But you get a welcome break from the balance/ strength sections which are challenging in their own way. Thought it was a great combination of cardio/ strength, balance.