Barre HIIT 2

High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is one of the absolute best ways to burn fat and heaps of calories. By teaming cardio based intervals with barre style sculpting in this workout you will get the best of both worlds! The only equipment you will need is a watch or clock to time the 1 minute intervals. You can do this workout anywhere!

There are 30 exercises – perform each exercise for 1 minute each NO BREAKS unless you are absolutely dying! At the end there is a burpee power move, which you will do as many times as possible until you physically can't any more! You can repeat this circuit as many times as you are able. 


1. 4 x Jumping Jacks, 2 x Plyo Jacks

2. Side to side squat staying low

3. 4 x left knee pulls, 4 x right knee pulls, 2 x left knee pulls, 2 x right knee pulls, 4 x single side to side knee pulls

4. Plie squat to lunge side to side

5. Switch Lunges with knee pull – stay low

6. Right leg low forward leaning lunge

7. Step back knee switches alternating

8. Left leg low forward leaning lunge

9. Plank Switch Lunges

10. Wide to narrow push ups

11. Plank jack then wide in out

12. Right side plank hip drops

13. 2 x mountain climbers, 2 x across body, 2 x knee to same side elbow

14. Left side plank hip drops

15. Switch lunge x 2, wide plie squat jump, jump to narrow squat

16. wide plie squat pulses with heel switches

17. Low skaters side to side, touch opposite hand to toe – keep the back leg off the ground

18. Triceps dips

19. Russian kicks

20. Pike Push ups

21. Low jacks

22. Hop pendulums side to side

23. Right Leg large side circles

24. Pony side to side x 4, high knees x 8

25. Left Leg large side circles

26.  Cross Jacks x 4, oblique jacks x 8

27. Right curtsy back lunge – stay low

28. T- hops

29. Left curtsy back lunge – stay low

30. POWER MOVE: Side to side jumps x 4, tuck jump, air jack, tuck jump, air jack

Watch me demonstrate each exercise below:

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