Cathe Friedrich

Cathe Friedrich has got to be one of my all time favourite instructors. I have tried nearly all of her DVDs and use them on a regular basis as part of my fitness regime. She has been around for over 20 years and is still going strong. What I love about her workouts is the variety. There are workouts to suit everyone – Kickboxing, step, straight weights, circuit style, barre, yoga, spinning, hi lo aerobics, low impact, HIIT, Boot Camp etc. etc. etc.!!!

I discovered Cathe when I decided to regularly add stepping into my cardio regime. I have always loved floor aerobics, but using the step increases the calorie expenditure a lot more cause you are using the large muscle groups in your legs. Cathe quickly became my go-to girl when it came to step cause her choreography wasn't too challenging, but the intensity was high and you feel like you have really worked by the end of one of her hour long workouts. I also liked the way a lot of her step workouts incorporate a strength component so that you can get a total body cardio and toning workout all in one. And best of all, nearly all her DVDs have premix options so that you can mix and match your favourite segments and choose how long you want to work out for.

Some of my favourite Cathe DVDs would have to be: Intensity, After Burn, Xtrain Ride, Xtrain Super Cuts, Xtrain All Out Low Impact HIIT, X10, Hi Reps, Slide and Glide, Party Rockin' Step 1 and 2, Pedal Power and Hardcore Extreme – just to name a few! The workouts are really well cued and the moves are easy to follow so there is no frustration with trying to get complicated choreography. She always moves with the times too, so if there is a new training technique dominating the fitness industry she is sure to incorporate it into her latest DVD series. 

Cathe's latest series has 8 new workouts and they are really great! There are 2 step workouts, a kick-boxing style workout, a cycle workout, a legs workout, a glutes workout, a total body weights workout and a mix and match HIIT style circuit workout. The two step workouts have become some of my favourite step workouts cause the routines are fast paced, high intensity and big calorie burners. They have fun choreography and the best part is that the premix options add in segments from the other step workout so you can do some super-long stepping! X10 is also one of my new favourites. There are 5 short workouts on this DVD, which can be mixed and matched for longer options or done individually each with their own warm-up and cool down. There is so much variety in X10 that you never get bored and each workout has a cardio and toning component so they are total body workouts. I highly recommend any of these new workouts to anyone new to Cathe. In fact, I would say that if you got all of them you would be on your way to an awesome exercise regime that would definitely get you some serious results!

Check out the Cathe Friedrich category of my store for her latest titles. You can also order any of Cathe's DVDs that I don't currently have listed. Just send me a message here and I will let you know how much they are.

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