The Benefits of Spinning Workouts

After having tried spinning classes at the gym years ago and quite liking them, I finally decided to buy myself a spin bike to see what all the fuss was about. I was always under the impression that spinning would be quite boring compared to other forms of cardio because all you do is sit on a bike, but once I entered the wide world of spinning DVDs I was hooked! I have never been one for using cardio equipment at the gym and always preferred to do classes because the instructor kept me motivated and I didn't have to make up my own workout. Spinning using workout DVDs is the same principle and, unlike at the gym, you can actually choose your favourite instructors, which for me is very important. 

So what are some of the benefits of spinning you might ask? Well, one of the main things I noticed straight away is that you burn a lot more calories spinning than with any other form of cardio exercise. I was totally shocked and amazed because I figured that because I wasn't using my upper body at all the calorie burn would actually be less, but the numbers proved me very wrong. The main reason for the high calorie burn is that you are engaging your largest muscle groups the entire workout – namely your quads, hamstrings and glutes! This drives your heart rate right up there and hence burns more calories.

I was a bit worried that spinning would give me bulky thigh muscles, but I needn't have feared because the combination of high calorie and fat burn, with controlled weight bearing ensures that you are skimming fat and defining muscle with a sleek, streamlined result. As long as you are watching what you are eating you will find that spinning will help you shed fat like no other cardio workout.

The other great benefit of spinning is the fact that it is a no-impact exercise so anyone can do it. You choose your resistance so if you have any sort of injuries you can keep it lighter and still get an awesome workout. It's all about adjusting your bike properly for your height and riding preference. When I first got my bike I had to adjust nearly every ride for about a week until I got the height and distance of the seat and the handle bars correct. I have had a bit of a knee injury for a few months and I found that pushing my seat further back ensured that I never put too much pressure on my knees. 

Spinning is not only cardio, but as you have the ability to change the tension, it is also a weight bearing exercise. So you are getting two in one! When you stand whilst riding you are also engaging your core muscles to stabilize, so you can expect to see some strengthening throughout your core, which in turn will give you better posture. 

There are many awesome Spinning DVDs available. I have started working my way through them and have found that those with great music and upbeat instructors are best for me. However, if you like to look at scenery while you ride there are many virtual riding DVDs where you can ride through all different terrains in all different countries! There really is a style to suit everyone. My favourite spinning DVD at the moment would have to be Cathe Friedrich's Xtrain Ride because it has really fun music and heaps of variety. Although I don't have any spinning DVDs listed on my site at the moment, I am happy to do special orders so just send me a message and I'll give you some options.

The other benefit is that you can spin any time of the year come rain or shine! So no excuses not to get your workout in!

If you want to change up your cardio routine and want to get some amazing results fast then definitely consider getting yourself a spin bike. They are a bit of an investment, but if you get a good quality one you will have it for life and get a lot of enjoyment out of it!

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Kelly Dwyer March 16, 2014 at 10:49 am

i have just recently purchased a spin bike and am after some good spin bike classes DVDs. I would prefer upbeat ones with motivational instructors and DVDs that offer a few different classes on one disc. Do you have any recommendations?  What are the prices? Do you have any packages or deals for multiple purchases? And delivery for sydney based suburb?


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