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I recently wrote an article about the benefits of barre workouts and now I want to point you in the right direction of the best barre workout set I have come across! It's by Fusion Fitness and it's called the Dream Body Workout 5 DVD set

Dream Body Workout 5 DVD set

I purchased this set about 1.5 months ago and I can definitely say that it is the best workout dvd set I have ever bought. Believe me I don't say that lightly as I have a collection of 200+ DVDs that is ever growing! 

The reason I love these workouts so much is because they are fun to do yet very, very challenging and you see results very, very quickly! I was doing high intensity cardio and weights workouts and wasn't able to get the results I really wanted – which was lean, long, defined muscles. Don't get me wrong, the cardio was great for burning fat and the heavy weight training did build muscle, but I soon realized that the only way to get that really lean, defined look was not only to work the larger muscle groups but to get into all the tiny supporting muscles that traditional weight training just doesn't seem to get at.

I have been exercising at an advanced level for 20+ years and thought I had tried it all, but when I started on these barre style workouts it was honestly as if I had to go back to base camp and start from scratch. Cardio stamina and big muscles don't help you when you start working into all those tiny supporting muscle fibers. The burn is crazy intense even though you are using tiny weights such as 500 grams to a max of 2.5kgs. I couldn't believe how sore my body could be with such light weights and I was a little scared to give up my heavy weight training, but as I started seeing results within the first few weeks I knew that it was working! 

The difference between the Dream Body workouts as opposed to the other big names in Barre such as Physique 57, The Bar Method, Ballet Physique etc. is that Dream Body has a definite cardio factor alongside the toning. The pace is super fast so even though you are not using heavy weights and not plyo jumping all over the place, you are still working your heart and lungs and getting a good calorie burn. I love the fact that you can do the majority of these workouts without shoes and that all the space you need is the size of your yoga mat with a bit of room to spare for kicking.

The Dream Body 5 DVD set includes:

DVD 1 – Fusion Mix with Darby – Sweating, sculpting and strengthening your way into your dream body. Look tight from your triceps to your tush! ( 60 min)

DVD 2 – Tabata & Toning with Francie – Drop a size with this cardio master piece. 20 Second tabata's mixed with body toning. (45 min)

DVD 3 – Barre with Sadie – Achieve the length of a dancer and strength of an athlete.  Ballet meets badass in this belly fat burning workout. (50 min)

DVD 4 – Bikini Bootcamp with Amy- Get summertime skinny with 40 minutes of non stop kicking, jumping, lunging and punching.  Tone up your trouble areas in the last 20 minutes. ( 60 min)

DVD 5 – Fusion with Brooke – A vigorous sequence of funky fresh yoga, pilates, calisthenics, and barre. You will tone muscles you never knew you had!

You can buy this set through me just send me an email at or message me with my online contact form.

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