The Benefits of Barre/Ballet Workouts

Barre or Ballet style workouts are becoming more and more popular because they bring such amazing results with little or no impact. The majority of Barre workouts don't require any equipment apart from a chair to hold on to for balance and a mat. The reason why Barre workouts are so effective is because they work all the smaller muscle groups of your body along with the larger muscle groups by using iso-tension whilst performing the exercises.

Barre is an intense workout that pushes your muscles to the maximum without having to use any weights. Because there are no breaks in these workouts you will find your muscles shaking and burning more than any traditional strength training workout. You will also get a great cardio factor as your heart rate remains elevated throughout the workout.

Barre workouts have a great emphasis on challenging your leg muscles, which are the largest muscles in your body and will therefore burn a lot of calories and keep your heart rate high. This will also ensure a great after-burn effect, meaning your body will continue to burn calories at an elevated rate for hours after you finish your workout. A typical Barre workout starts off with standing leg work and then moves on to the floor. Some use a stability ball or smaller ball to increase the intensity even more. Your legs will be shaking by the end of the workout! If you are new to Barre you will find muscles that you never realized you had. The day after a Barre workout you will definitely feel it!

Barre will elongate your muscles and give you amazing posture as you strengthen all your core muscles. If you are used to weight training you will definitely notice a difference in your body shape after doing Barre for a while and surprisingly you can burn more calories in a Barre workout than with conventional strength training (up to 500 calories in a workout).

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