Protein sources for Vegetarians

Ok, so we all know that protein is the building block of out muscles, so when we are working out we need to make sure we get enough protein! So what about if u are either a vegetarian or just not a big meat fan?

pumpkin seeds

Here are some vegetarian protein sources that you might find more appetizing: Tofu and other soy products, beans, lentils and legumes, nuts, seeds and nut butters, quinoa and other whole grains, dairy such as cottage cheese, hard cheeses, yogurt, milk, protein powders and eggs. 

If you are a white meat vegetarian then chicken, turkey and fish/seafood are the obvious additions. 

I tend to find it difficult to eat a lot of meat so I tend to eat mostly vegetarian or white meat proteins options throughout the day and then have a little red meat (usually some form of minced/ground variety) at dinner. I always have a protein shake straight after my workout.

The key is to try and eat some form of protein with every meal. It will help you feel full longer and will boost your metabolism to burn more fat! That's what we want right?

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