Rodney Yee Yoga DVDs Review

If you love Yoga you will have heard the name Rodney Yee. He has been around since the 1980's – although you'd never know it looking at him – and he is a yoga master to the stars! He started his fitness journey as a ballet dancer and gymnast and only ventured down the path of Yoga after doing his first class in 1980. He went on to study Yoga full time at San Francisco Iyengar Yoga Institute and at The Yoga Room in Berkeley and after graduating opened his own studio - Piedmont Yoga Studio.

Rodney Yee is married to another famous Yogi called Colleen Saidman. Colleen has her own yoga studio in New York called Yoga Shanti, where Rodney often teaches classes. Apart from teaching classes, workshops, and retreats nationally and internationally, Rodney is also a famous tv personality appearing on the Oprah show as well as other television broadcasts. He also contributes to numerous Yoga and healthy lifestyle publications. If that isn't enough, Rodney appears in over 30 Yoga workout DVDs. 

Rodney Yee Yoga DVDsHe really is a great instructor! His cues are clear and he takes his time to explain every pose clearly, putting a lot of focus on correct technique. He has a great ability to break down postures into their essential elements so that you feel really connected with each movement. Rodney's DVD range has something for everyone – there are beginners, intermediate and advanced levels as well as various styles of Yoga. There are Yoga DVDs for rehabilitation and back care, as well as chair based routines which anyone can do no matter what their mobility level.

If you love yoga then Rodney Yee's awesome DVD collection is a must have. If you want to take a closer look at some of his DVDs then click HERE to check out my range.

Have a sneak peek at his Back Care Yoga DVD

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