Trainer Bob Harper Review

Who is my trainer Bob? He's one of the hottest names in the fitness industry – Bob Harper (aka My Trainer Bob) from the Biggest Loser!

Do you want to get lean? Do you want to shed unwanted fat fast? Well, now you can with Bob Harper's awesome range of workout DVDs. He has taken his grueling training style and created a series of workout DVDs that will get your heart pumping and your body tight and toned in no time.

On the Biggest Loser Bob is considered to be the "nice one" compared to Jillian Michaels. By the end of any of his workouts, however, you might beg to differ! They are not easy! They leave you dripping with sweat and pretty much spent by the end of them. Even the people in the DVDs are struggling to get through it! But one thing that they will do is get you in the best shape of your life FAST!

Bob Harper dvd montageI have been using workout DVDs for 20 years and, needless to say, I have tried my fair share. My trainer Bob is definitely one of my favorite instructors! I would consider myself to be an advanced exerciser and am always looking for a challenge. I own about 50 different workout DVDs and am always adding to my collection. I have tried nearly all Bob Harper's workouts and I highly recommend them to anyone wanting a challenge and wanting to get whipped into shape like the contestants in the Biggest Loser.

Now having said that, I don't want to scare any beginners off from his workout DVs. Although the workouts are tough, there are always beginners modifications and Bob is huge on explaining correct form. You will definitely be able to grow with them and you will see results!

His newest DVD is Totally Ripped Core, which, as the title suggests is all about the abs! This DVD has 2 workouts, one 50 minute scorcher and a 10 minute quickie for the days when you don't have a lot of time. 

You can have a sneak peek below:

So what are some of his dvds:

1. Totally Ripped Core DVD

2. Yoga for the Warrior DVD

3. Ultimate Cardio Body DVD

4. Beginner's Weight Loss Transformation DVD

5. Inside Out Method Body Rev Cardio Conditioning DVD

6. Inside Out Method Pure Burn Super Strength DVD

7. Inside Out Method Kettlebell Cardio Shred DVD

8. Inside Out Method Kettlebell Sculpted Body DVD

Even if I don't have these DVDs in stock I can order any of them in for you so just send me a message here!

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