What workout can I do to increase my strength and speed?

Q: I want to increase my fitness level in the following exercises: the mile run, shuttle run, pushups in two minutes, v-sit reach, pullups, and situps. I currently do as many push-ups and chair dips as I can do in two minutes. What else can I do to improve my strength and fitness?

A: It looks like you've got a handle on the push-ups and the pull ups side of the challenge as your current exercises are mainly concentrating on the upper body. Obviously in order to improve your sit-ups you will have to add some ab training in there too. 
In order not to get bored with your current routine you may want to mix things up a bit with your push ups and chair dips. There are many different types of push-ups you can do: close grip triceps push-ups, crucifix or wide stance push ups, one handed push ups, incline push ups with your hands up on a chair, decline push ups with your feet up on a chair. By doing variations you will be hitting slightly different muscles, which will improve your over all performance in the 2 minute push up challenge.
With your chair dips, I am not sure exactly what style you are doing, obviously the further out your legs are the harder the dip. So you want to keep your butt right up against the chair and stretch your legs out in front. Then you can graduate to lifting one leg off the ground and then alternating. If you want to make it even harder, put a weight on your lap whilst you dip. And even more challenging again, use two chairs with your hands on one and your feet elevated on the other so that you can dip your butt down in between the chairs.
For the sit-ups challenge you are going to have to add in some ab-training. There are a million different types of sit ups! Once again try holding a weight as you sit up to increase the intensity or stretch both hands out behind your head so your head is resting on your biceps. You can start off hooking your feet under a sofa if you find it too difficult.
For the running challenge you might want to add in some cardio training. I would recommend interval training where you start off with high intensity bursts and follow with active recovery lower intensity segments. So you could start off doing 30 seconds of tuck jumps and follow with 30 seconds light jogging or even walking on the spot to recover. You could do different exercises such as plyometric jacks, plie jacks, skii jumps side to side, air jacks, hitch kicks etc (if u don't know how to do any of these just google them). You might not be able to do 30 seconds to start off with but you can build up to it. Maybe do 20 seconds with 40 seconds recovery and gradually build up to 30 seconds with 30 seconds recovery. You can do 10 minutes a day and I guarantee this will increase your fitness incredibly. As you get fitter and fitter you can make the recovery sections shorter or add in some strength training instead of the jogging.

If you are finding it difficult to get started with the interval training exercises or just need some ideas then why not look into getting some workout DVDs. That way you can learn the proper form and technique of some new exercises without having to fork out for a personal trainer. 

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