How to alleviate back pain without the chiropractor!

A lot of back pain can be due to bad posture. My husband suffers from back pain and after reading up on it on the internet a lot of the symptoms seem to point at poor posture. One way you can see whether your posture is good or bad is to stand up against a wall as straight as possible. If you have good posture you will be able to touch the back of your head and your bottom against the wall at the same time without having to lean your head backwards. With poor posture your head will be a considerable distance away from the wall.

man doing yogaOne way to rectify bad posture without having to have expensive chiropractor appointments is through yoga. There are a number of great yoga dvds for people with back problems. One such dvd is Rodney Yee Back care Yoga and there is also one called Yoga for a healthy back.

Incorporating these simple flexibility poses into your exercise routine will not only help with pain, but will slowly help you to improve your overall posture.

Another type of exercise you can try is Pilates as this really targets the core muscles. If your abdominal muscles are strong they act like a girdle around your mid-section which helps to support your back during any type of activity.

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