Lindsey Jackson Instructor Review

Lindsey Jackson is a certified Pilates Instructor and corporate life coach – one of the best in the game because of her ability to teach Pilates to people from all walks of life in a safe but effective way.

Some of her most popular Pilates DVDs include: Pilates Essentials, Pilates for MumsPilates for Men and Pilates for Pregnancy.

If you prefer to exercise in the comfort of your own home or just don’t have time to get to a Pilates Studio or gym, these DVDs are beyond an excellent alternative… Done regularly they’ll get you fantastic results – and you’ll experience all that a peaceful yet challenging pilates routine has to offer!

Lindsey teaches both mixed gender and single gender classes and usually illustrates three levels in order to cater to different abilities. She has an amazingly broad spectrum knowledge of health, fitness, yoga as well as Pilates, and fuses them together to create holistic workouts that are ideal for beginners as well as the super fit…

Lindsey’s DVDs make Pilates easily accessible to everybody. She is easy to follow, entertaining and brings the best known benefits like strong core, abdominal as well as back strength and calmness of mind when you follow.

One of her most acclaimed DVDs: Pilates for Men, was super successful because at the time, no-one had really created a DVD that specifically focused on Pilates for men. 

Here's a snippet from an interview Lindsey did for the BBC

YouTube Preview Image

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Tyree Creary November 1, 2011 at 8:17 pm

Keep working ,impressive job!


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