Best Workout DVD for Burning Calories

Boot Camp Workouts burn lots of calories!

The Hollywood Trainer Kickboxing Bootcamp dvd

This morning I did one of my favourite workout DVDs, The Hollywood Trainer Kickboxing Bootcamp. I love this workout cause it really gets your heart rate up, but isn't complicated to follow.

The other great thing about this workout DVD is that the instructor, Jeannette Jenkins, constantly refers to what her heart rate is and the amount of calories she has burnt at various stages in the workout. I always wondered how to work out your "fat burning" heart rate and she gives a simple formula, which is 220 – your age as your 100% heart rate. She then states that it is best to stay above 60% of this heart rate in order to get cardio vascular benefits, and not to go above 80-90% as this will put too much strain on your heart.

After doing this workout I have decided to look into buying a heart rate/calorie monitor myself, so that I can see just how many calories I am burning in my favourite workouts. That means I can eat my favourite treats and not feel guilty if I have burnt enough calories that day. I even thought it would be a good idea to work out how many calories I burn in day to day life as well. I think nowadays you can get pretty high tech monitors that are quite accurate.

So the moral of the story is that with Boot camp workouts you can burn between 600-800 calories in 45 minutes! That's awesome! I can definitely go and eat that piece of chocolate now!

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K06 January 2, 2012 at 6:37 am

I am always looking for DVDs to maximize my efforts. I don't see the point of slogging it out if I'm not actually burning the calories. Thanks for the tip of using a heart rate monitor. I think I will definitely look into that too :)


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